Under Review

“How combining climate policy with economic and social reforms increases support for climate action,” (with Parrish Bergquist and Leah Stokes)

“Wildfire exposure increases pro-climate political behaviors,” (with Chad Hazlett)

“Scientists' political behaviors are not driven by individual-level government benefits,” (with Baobao Zhang) 

“Hot, dry days increase perceived experience with global warming,” (with Jennifer Marlon, Xinran Wang, Parrish Berguist, Katherine Hayhoe, Sharmistha Swain, Peter Howe, and Anthony Leiserowitz)

Working Papers

“Do carbon dividends increase support for carbon pricing? New evidence from a Canadian public opinion panel,” (with Erick Lachapelle and Kathryn Harrison)

“Prisoners of the wrong dilemma: Why distributive conflict, not collective action, characterizes the politics of climate change,” (with Michaël Aklin) 

“Using Facebook to generate nationally representative survey samples in the Global South,” (with Parrish Bergquist, Peter Howe, Jennifer Marlon, and Anthony Leiserowitz)

“Process-tracing, counterfactual comparisons and causal inference.”

“The environmental effectiveness of climate change policies in the United Kingdom: A synthetic control analysis,” (with Alice Lépissier)

“How elections shape environmental identity: A field experiment on environmentalists,” (with Leah Stokes and Geoffrey Henderson)

“The paradox of Congressional representation,” (with Geoffrey Henderson, Leah Stokes and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez)

“The effect of policy attributes on political and policymaking incentives.”

“State legislators, state legislative staffers and representation of the American public,” (with Leah Stokes and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez)